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We might often confuse reaching true love with finding a man or a woman we can share passion or be passionate about. A man or a woman to whom we can give our everything and whom in return will give their everything (... like that is even possible for a human being! considering our foolishness, selfishness, mindlessness and so on .. ) And so we go places, we search all around (and across the oceans even). Cause there might be a corner on this earth where our ONE is hiding.  If not, we eagerly wait for the day. The day when true love comes.

At times we find certain somebodies that seems to fit the profile (the one we made up in our minds). Only to discard them as soon as we figure out they cannot or will not give their everything to us. And how could they? They might have nothing much for (or of) themselves. What could they possibly give to us (out of nothing much)? Oh my! Look at our disillusion! Our rage! Our readiness to crucify them! Or ourselves!

And what if they have something (.. or even everything for the matter) for (or of) themselves? Why is it that they must give it to us? In the name of love!?! How are we being entitled or deserving on somebody else`s something? Our foolish answer, because we give our everything in return ( ... even though.. our everything is close to nothing really)! Unrequested mainly! And funny thing, whenever we are requested, we feel offended. Offended for being requested though entitled to request

I am loved. Plenty. By some. Or many (so they say). Unrequested! And then blamed for it. Cause what is given to me, freely, I seem to not always appreciate. Or need it. Which takes me into wondering whether we, people, actually realize that, it is not that we love (.. or are being loved) too little or too much that is the problem in (or with) love. But the fact that love is misdirected.

Cause, love is not something that can be given to one or another (.. or taken from one or another as a matter of fact). Love is a self state of being. A state of being into which we can include (or exclude) whomever and whatever. And it has nothing to do with our (or other`s) qualities or worthiness. Though surely people`s qualities and worthiness can trigger us into love. But then... 

Wake up! Make the distinction between the trigger and the very state of love. Loving (or being loved) in self interest (for whom people are or represent to us, whether in real or our imagination) cannot be love

I know one man that loves me. Not because he is a man and I am a woman. Neither for whom or what I am to him. But because I AM and because he IS. Love. Nothing else is needed! By being his mirror, I`m reflected back to myself! I`m awaken into the state of love. Into which I can include whomever and whatever. Simply because. I AM. Love.

The only real distance to love is self awareness. Beingness. Thus... I call on our awakening! 11:11!

Let it be light! (... in celebration of my greatest friend, Justin R., on his 44th spring) In Lak`ech, Odilia

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