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Self Mastery

     I do not define myself as a method inventor. Neither a follower of one. Mastering a technique makes one a powerful tool for transformation but also limits one to a singular way of achieving and perceiving things. Whatever that "thing" is.
     By experience we all know there is no such thing as the way. Rather one way or another. A way that works for one doesn't necessarily work for all and we, as evolving human beings, are continuously searching for that precise "way" that works best for ourselves. 
     Understanding all possible ways in their core system functionality and translating them into the understanding of each individual is my way. By stretching the limits of one`s perceptions towards expanded awareness, will power and capacity to exercise choice into being and action.
     My counselling consists in simplified, comfortable conversations with the attempt of leading you to the root of your problems, helping you identify the fears, thinking and behaviour patterns that keep you from being and expressing your true nature and potential.
     And since I believe that truth and happiness should be within everyone`s reach my counselling is a gift (free of charge that is - within the limits of my time, naturally) to anyone in need. Thus, don`t hesitate to contact me for a chat or an appointment.
     If you would you like to know more of what interests and inspire me check my virtual library.
     If you feel inspired (by me), would like and afford to, make me a donation via PayPalMe. Gratefully thank you!
    I may provide speeches, workshops and seminars ("The Art Of Happiness" / "True Meaning of Success" / "Life Mastery Through Self Mastery" - alternative themes possible on demand).

*** Read what others feel/think/experienced or add your own feedback/recommandation***

     "For me, sharing with Odilia is like standing naked before an ornate, free standing, full length mirror that simultaneously reveals your physical form and your inner essence.  All that you are is undeniably reflected back to you in a manner that was not previously perceptible.
     The discomfort and awkwardness of disrobing false perception, dogma and expectation, seemingly for the first time, crumbled the foundations of fear my life was built upon. 
     Those with the determination and courage to face simple truths will be rewarded with not only a greater understanding of themselves, but also the complete compassion and perfect love of an amazing woman, mentor and confidant. 
     I am blessed beyond words for the opportunity to call her a true friend." Justin Rash

     "Odilia is a sens-full human, multi gifted, valuable creator, infinite energy.. 
     Strong, steady, beautiful, clear.. can bring you to tears while rehearsing Ave Maria, or fill you with gratitude offering you self made raw vegan treats.. or deliver you valuable missing pieces and answers to your quest towards the truth. 
     Evolutionary uplift & lovely guiding light comes trough her presence❤" Luna C.K.

"Love giver, wise adviser, best friend and amazing teacher. Every contact with u leaves me with more awareness xxx love u" Mihaela Ciocea

     "When you meet Odilia, you meet a master in the art of living. Which art would be more important to develop, then the art of life? If you pursue happiness for yourself and your surroundings, and want to reach this goal, Odilia will be a worthful help to you." Joost van Lierop

     "When one says they hope/wish they could be like someone else, I think it's completely funny... but even more funnily, since after I met you, I always wish I can be seem truly happy like you despite under any circumstances without needing any effort to remind myself to stay happily. Just want to tell you my friend, you are amazing..." Sam Ong

     "I love your "SOUL". As, I love our friendship that always brings the best out of me..." Gregory

     "It may sound like a cliche, but I honestly say that what makes me feel, perceive or think cannot be described in words. It would only make it obscure and the real meaning of my ideas would be lost. However, Odilia is and always will be my friend, sister, support, hope, inspiration, foundation stone. She stood by me for more than 11 years in the most varied forms and ways, in difficult times, happy moments, tedious times and everyday life.. She held place of confidant, psychologist, life partner. I can draw her into words as honest, fair, gentle, selfless, sensitive, sociable, open minded, spiritual, elegant, chic, charming, intelligent, complex, visionary, creative, generous, sincere, beautiful, caring, strong, loving, human. I appreciate that she didn`t lost her innocence, she didn`t perverted her soul, she still has the power to forgive, to hope, to offer, to love, to listen and to understand. I love and admire her very very much and wish her all the best in the world as well as the chance to find her peace of mind and soul." Ancuta Deliu

     "Thinking of you and Thanking the Universe for all that you give... And for all that you are..." Mary Dakai

     "Despite with all the obstacles in life, Odilia had never failed to show she can still take things positively and open up her heart to accept it with gratitude. Her positive thoughts on every moment had too proven a sincere smile with genuine love always, to every living creature will eventually make life worth to treasure. Sad to say I might not be seeing her again anymore but she is always living inside my heart to keep shining sincerely. Nevertheless, I am still glad I have had at least met her once. One of my biggest gift in life on all her thoughts. Thanks Odilia, my honorable guru." Sam Ong

     "The very best we can give each other is our love. Not our advice and certainly not our judgment. Thank you for the love and kindness you show to others. One love," Francesca.

     "When I met Carmen I felt she is a special person, but I was too involved in my own in life to actually pay attention to other people around me. After a year, through a series of coincidences as well, we rented a room together and there started my changing. I was an introverted person, not too social, and with problems that I didn`t even understood, problems invented by me, from the fear of living. Carmen was able, just by the mere presence and her wonderful way of being, to inspire confidence in me, made me feel the freedom that fear caged for too long. I changed in better the connection with my family because I started to understand why mom, dad and my brothers behaved in certain ways. I understood that inside happiness depends on me only and that life is to be built with love and not with fear. The change was not only on the inside but outside as well. I became more beautiful and started to be always surrounded by people that wanted to talk to me and be in my presence." Nicoleta Turliu

     "Precious Odilia, I feel privileged to have you as a friend. Your gentle influence reaches far and is good for this world. God bless you." Will B. Freed

     "I met Odilia for voice and life coaching, for advice on how to communicate effectively, be decisive and how to set goals efficiently. It was a pleasant experience and she showed me some exercises, in particular how to speak clearly and how to reach across to the audience. Thank you for your efforts Odilia, you've been a great help." Naveed