Odilia Carmen Chirica

Singer, writer, speaker, coach, counsellor, muse... mostly a thinker - simply just BEING.

Stepping Into Light

Since early age I`ve had certain experiences of a more metaphysical nature (OBE, sleep paralysis, deja vu and many many dreams and revelations about past and future happenings, other dimensions and realities..) that I could not really comprehend as a young child or share with the world. However, their intensity and repetition throughout life made me search for answers and raise existential questions.  Where are we coming from? Where are we going to? What is the purpose of life? What is reality? What is beyond what we know as reality?  Is death the end of our existence? Why do we suffer? How do we find the ultimate truth? What is the truth!?!
And so.. naturally I`ve been inclined to look into multiple ways that could provide me with deeper knowledge and understanding. I`ve looked into religions, philosophies, methodologies, spirituality and I`ve been diligently observing all life experiences with their cause and effects. On the way, I`ve shared my insights with those I cared for as well as those that saw much in me, but couldn`t understand it, and pursued me into becoming something "great" of this world. Which lead people around me seeking for my counsel, requesting me to write books or give speeches.
After long period of reflection in trying to understand my choice for taking a human form and what precisely am I here to do, I`ve had my revelation!
A deep and powerful sense of knowing within my heart woke me in the middle of a night. A vision, I would call it, that I tried to translate into words so that my mind can grasp it as well.  I was once (though... there was no time frame.. more of a present moment seen from two ends) one with the light and looking down I felt a deep sadness seeing the world further away from me  (the world.. not as the physical representation of it but as the bunch of beings left behind in a limited dimension, in suffering) and so I broke loose (as a part from a whole) and came back ("back" as it felt I already knew the place) to build steps towards light (that later I understood them to be the ladder of ascension), through my words, for those belonging to the light that got "stuck" in here. It sounds a bit from the realms of fantasy. But by experience I know there are many who "feel" what I`m talking about. That is why this call is for them but maybe not for you. And that is ok!
Our minds (or "science" as a matter of fact) can`t comprehend or truly explain many many things. I for one, dare go beyond the logic of my mind by accepting knowledge that only heart can hold as truth. And as I never enjoyed the idea of truth being for sale and feel contempt of turning it into a business (as so many do nowadays) this is my gift (free of charge that is - within the limits of my time, naturally) to the world.  And so to you, if you are in need to uncover your own truth.
I do not define myself as a method inventor. Neither a follower of one. Mastering a technique makes one a powerful tool for transformation but also limits one to a singular way of achieving and perceiving things. Whatever that "thing" is. I am bound to no method and my way is simple. Stretching the limits of one`s perceptions towards expanded awareness, will power and capacity to exercise choice, into being and action, by recognising truth and falsity into the structure of one`s mind.
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Read what others feel/think/experienced or add your own feedback, to help me and others better understand what this is all about. Thank you! in truth, #odiliacarmen

"Dear Odilia, Like Reminiscence. That’s how our deep and unconventional conversations taste like for me. They taste like Reminiscence. Reminiscence of who I truly am, Where I come from, What I’m here to do, And where I’m going. Somehow, our encounters always naturally turn into meetings in truth.
Thanks to your fine observations, your intelligent questions, your natural ability to elude falsity and most importantly the purity of your soul, you know how to make me feel and remember the way back home. The way back to my authentic self and the source of all things. Especially when I feel lost and confused. 
Therefore, each of our conversations never fails to leave a strong and lasting impression on me. Sometimes my mind cannot describe it, but always my heart and soul know what touched me.
Odilia, you have a wise soul, a good heart and a strong mind. You are a genuine spiritual seeker and a gifted teacher that I respect deeply. And it’s really worth mentioning that you never sound like a new age guru, which (Thank God!) you aren’t!!! Your spiritual quest is humble, courageous and guided by the heart. And I’m really grateful that along the way you take the time to share your findings so generously with me and (hopefully in the future many more) others. Thank you so much.
I’m so glad you’ve become my friend.  With love,"  Uta Ta

"For me, sharing with Odilia is like standing naked before an ornate, free standing, full length mirror that simultaneously reveals your physical form and your inner essence.  All that you are is undeniably reflected back to you in a manner that was not previously perceptible.
The discomfort and awkwardness of disrobing false perception, dogma and expectation, seemingly for the first time, crumbled the foundations of fear my life was built upon. 
Those with the determination and courage to face simple truths will be rewarded with not only a greater understanding of themselves, but also the complete compassion and perfect love of an amazing woman, mentor and confidant. 
I am blessed beyond words for the opportunity to call her a true friend." Justin Rash

"Odilia is a sens-full human, multi gifted, valuable creator, infinite energy.. 
Strong, steady, beautiful, clear.. can bring you to tears while rehearsing Ave Maria, or fill you with gratitude offering you self made raw vegan treats.. or deliver you valuable missing pieces and answers to your quest towards the truth. 
Evolutionary uplift & lovely guiding light comes trough her presence. <3"   Luna C.K.

"Love giver, wise adviser, best friend and amazing teacher. Every contact with u leaves me with more awareness xxx love u" Mihaela Ciocea

"When you meet Odilia, you meet a master in the art of living. Which art would be more important to develop, then the art of life? If you pursue happiness for yourself and your surroundings, and want to reach this goal, Odilia will be a worthful help to you." Joost van Lierop

"When one says they hope/wish they could be like someone else, I think it's completely funny... but even more funnily, since after I met you, I always wish I can be seem truly happy like you despite under any circumstances without needing any effort to remind myself to stay happily. Just want to tell you my friend, you are amazing..." Sam Ong

"Precious Odilia, I feel privileged to have you as a friend. Your gentle influence reaches far and is good for this world. God bless you." Will B. Freed