Galactic Signature

Decoded my day of birth and found my Galactic Signature to be White Overtone Mirror. Lots of things made sense (to me) as for who I am, what my challenges are, and what is my purpose in life. If you`d like to know about yourself and your coding as well, use the Galactic Signature Decoder to find which of the following signatures you are.

"By playing the role of your galactic signature, your allow yourself - your mind, body and spirit - to vibrate to that particular frequency and you broadcast it out to everyone around you. This is your gift to the world."

Red  Dragons: Magnetic Lunar Electric SelfExistng Overtone Rhythmic Resonant Galactic Solar Planetary Spectral Crystal Cosmic

If this made sense to you so far, you can further explore your relationships signature, your personal theme year or the moon phase you were born under. Enjoy! your realization,  In Lak`ech,  #OdiliaCarmen

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