The Art Of Being

Studied law out of passion for justice and helping people (...and to make my father proud with an extra degree). Found it to be a pile of senseless rules, often devoid of morality, compassion or honesty. I`ve let go of it and looked further towards truth.

Pursued the path of music `cause I was told I must be a singer (...and `cause of my mother`s ardent desire that I`d be a "diva") even though I strongly felt there is more to life than simply being a singer. After a long journey I understood it was actually part of the quest for that "more" I was so yearning for.

Thought I`d go all the way to the academic doctorate level but, after having my degrees in music and law, I realised true mastery can`t be taught or learned in the nowadays rigid, mechanical and ritualistic schools where there is no integrated understanding of the inner self and thus can`t possibly lead us to a truthful and natural expression of who we are to be or do in this world.
In that sense, the system (that we ourselves have created) has failed us as society and living beings. This very lack of truthful and natural self expression is what keep us in torment and misery. And this painful states of being is what I am dedicated to dissipate in my own life as well as the lives of others.

Collaborating on music projects, recordings and concerts, guiding and inspiring people into the art of singing and being, reading, writing, contemplating, expanding the horizons of knowledge and keeping the joy of living "alive" is what fills my days.

Developing new skills, increasing practical intelligence, cultural exchange, martial arts, sustainable living, permaculture, understanding core philosophies of ancient civilisations and major thinkers of our world, truth, awareness, evolution, enlightenment... are the things that interest me.

As a woman I am found of beauty, perfumes, shoes, jewellery... mundane glitters that is. Through which I express myself but which do not define me. At the end, in the world but not of it. In a form yet formless. Since mine is utterly first and foremost the pursue and expression of ultimate truth. truth, #OdiliaCarmen  

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