Awakening Through The Unawakened

"- Unfortunately we are not yet at that level. It takes hard work to get there. And what would be the purpose of everything if not to help? Plants heal humans. Humans help and take care of the planet. We exchange ideas. We are connected.

There is nothing unfortunate. We are heading in the "good" direction exactly because of everything that "seems" unfortunate around us. Because all that "looks" unfortunate makes us aware. Makes us desire to thrive for "another level".

- So right about that!

And it is not hard work and effort that we need. But this very awareness that happens naturally. An awareness that, if we do not explore by free will, we are forced into by all that we experience.

- Not, for you not. What about those millions that did not even wake up??

Yes. But no matter that! Do not forget! You become, you experience, you create what you pay attention to. Forget what isn`t. Only look upon what can be. What can be will be! Those millions work very hard so you can wake up! Then you can show them the way!

- Awareness!  Easy from there. But until you get aware...

Until you get there you enjoy the ride! Thrive to wake up. But don`t forget to enjoy your dream. While you are dreaming it.

- I am..

There would be no me without you! There can be no answer without a question! Nobody to answer if nobody had questioned. With that in mind.. We shall better look not for the answer but for the question! When we have the question, the answer will come!"

excerpts from "Dialogs with Odilia Carmen" truth, OdiliaCarmen