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Hafez Hayyim

"In the last century, a tourist from the States visited the famous Polish rabbi, Hafez Hayyim. He was astonished to see that the rabbi’s home was only a simple room filled with books. The only furniture was a table and a bench.  “Rabbi, where is your furniture?” asked the tourist.   “Where is yours?” said Hafez.  “Mine? But I’m passing through. I’m only a visitor here.”  “So am I.”" from the book "Song Of The Bird" by Anthony de Mello truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Isha Upanishad

also known as VAGASANEYI-SAMHITA-UPANISHAD, ISAVASYA or ISA-UPANISHAD for further details check  wikipedia 1. ALL this, whatsoever moves on earth, is to be hidden in the Lord (the Self). When thou hast surrendered all this, then thou mayest enjoy. Do not covet the wealth of any man! 2. Though a man may wish to live a hundred years, performing works, it will be thus with him; but not in any other way: work will thus not cling to a man. 3. There are the worlds of the Asuras covered with blind darkness. Those who have destroyed their self (who perform works, without having arrived at a knowledge of the true Self), go after death to those worlds. 4. That one (the Self), though never stirring, is swifter than thought. The Devas (senses) never reached it, it walked before them. Though standing still, it overtakes the others who are running. Matarisvan (the wind, the moving spirit) bestows powers on it. 5. It stirs and it stirs not; it is far, and likewise near. It is inside of all this, a

You See What You Are

You are what you see. Or the other way around. You see what you are. truth,   OdiliaCarmen

Value Of Attention

Are you certain that what you hold and place into the attention of others is what you want as reality? Cause what one holds or places into one's attention is what one will further experience. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Drop Your Nothing

"Disciple: I have come to you with nothing in my hands.  Master: Drop it at once!  Disciple: But how can I drop it? It is nothing.  Master: Then carry it around with you!  Your nothing can be your most valued possession." from the book  "Song Of The Bird"  by  Anthony de Mello truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Dropping The I

"Disciple: I have come to offer you my service.  Master: If you dropped the ‘I’ service would certainly follow.  You could give all your goods to feed the poor and your body to be burnt and not have love at all.  Keep your goods and drop the ‘I’. Don’t burn your body; burn the ego. Love will instantly arise." from the book  "Song Of The Bird"  by  Anthony de Mello truth,  OdiliaCarmen