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Reality Awakening: A Shift in Perspective

Wake up TO reality, they say. Wake up FROM reality, I say. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Breaking Free: Liberation from Self-Imposed Prisons

We are in a prison of our own making. And we are busy justifying ourselves for being here. Blaming circumstances, situations or people. We can turn against the whole world and turn the whole world against us in return. But in the end, it doesn't matter who puts us in the prison. Our lovers, our spouses, our parents, our children, our friends, our enemies, the system or even the matrix. The fact remains a fact. We are in prison. And it is WE that must get out of it! Whatever that prison is. Our emotions, actions, beliefs, feelings, judgements... Free yourself! Save yourself! Nobody else can do it for you! truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Eternal Arrival: Embracing the Infinite Journey

I don't go anywhere. I'm only coming. Everywhere! truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Being the Seeker: Discovering Within to Find Without

We only need that which we don't have. Yet.. we won't have that which we are not! Thus, BE that which you are seeking first, so that you may truly find (that which you are seeking). truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Unity of Self: Embracing Responsibility for All

Whom am I actually helping except myself?! There is no one I know of that isn't self. I am responsible thus for all selves. Within myself! truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Manifesting Reality: The Power of Attention

Are you certain that what you hold and place into the attention of others is what you want as reality? Cause what one holds or places into one's attention is what one will further experience. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Embracing the Unknown: Journey Beyond Familiar Paths

One can't venture oneself into the magic of an unknown path by following the already known directions. Cause to see things with new eyes one needs to drop all perceptions and notions of sight. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Beyond Illusions: Discovering Love Within

In or out of a "love" relationship, one must confront the very same illusion. The belief that another can bring us wholeness, that is. And until that illusion is confronted, one can't truly experience love. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Creating Happiness: Unveiling the Power Within

What you see isn't, though you've been led to believe so, what you want. What you see is that which inspires you to bring forth, from within, that which you want. You won't be truly happy with anything that you get unless you've created it yourself. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Healing Illusions: Rediscovering Wholeness

We are never truly healed until we understand that we were never wounded in the first place. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Finding Soul Mates: The Journey Within

Soul mates cannot be searched for around or in far away places. They don`t fit within our criteria of best match perceived by limited thought process. However, they will be there in perfect timing. As soon as you have found Yourself! truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Awakening to Victory: Embrace Your True Essence

The difference between winners and losers is BRAINWASHING. Stop the struggle! Stop the fight! WAKE UP and BE that which you already are! Your pure essence that is! You have already won! truth,  Odilia Carmen