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7 Pillars To Veracious Singing

Music is for each and every being. Music is within and without us all. Everyone can sing and everyone has his own unique voice. Incomparable that is. Don`t be a copy! There is no such thing as too soon or too late to start singing. Have courage and fulfil your dreams! Make sure, in the process, they are your own not someones else`s. You can sing whatever style/songs as long as it is truly what you want and love. Singing what is in fashion, for the market or for whatever other reasons is not a true expression of yourself, will not bring you happiness and is neither genuine art.  Singing brings peace, joy and relaxation. Whatever brings the opposites is not singing. Singing is ultimately a connection with your own soul and the source of existence. When you`ll be ready, everything else will be ready for you. Thus, do not struggle for perfection, become ready... to embrace it, on the way! truth,  OdiliaCarmen