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In or out of a "love" relationship, one must confront the very same illusion. The belief that another can bring us wholeness, that is. And until that illusion is confronted, one can't truly experience love. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

"My" Love

Jealousy comes with the objectification of those we love. When one places the "my" in front of "love" one gets a sense of ownership over the beloved. And with the ownership of our beloved we take away our beloved's freedom as well. And that can never end up well since is the main and most important human right in our lives. The freedom to choose! Whatever we want to experience that is. truth,  OdiliaCarmen

The Monster In Our Closet

One may think it's the unmet needs and desires the cause of broken relationships. And we are tired and mostly unwilling to satisfy someone else's needs before or in the detriment of our own. Needs and desires make us walk and even run on purpose at times. But fears.. Oh my! We hide, run, jump, climb, walk on bodies... whatever is needed. To escape our fears. And what are fears anyway? Well, unintegrated experiences from or since early childhood. Things we haven`t completely understood that hurt and frightened us and that we never want to repeat. But guess what? They will be repeated on and on and on... Because we live in their shadows. We project from them and perceive through them. We want to escape them so badly that anything as close as a resemblance will trigger us into great discomfort and stress. Say, one is afraid of spiders for example... God forbid you joke with "a spider on you!" unless you want one to have a heart attack o

The Right Relationship

The "right" relationship requires not a perfect mind/physical/soul match but a dedication to love beyond the limits of our common beliefs and personal needs. A process of evolution and break through the social, cultural, religious, human conditionings, etc... A dedication to support each other through common understanding or one another when one fails to see clearly or understand the "right" way, for the purpose of growth, ultimate freedom and happiness. First and foremost achieving individual balance and happiness and only after happiness in two as a couple. If that can be possibly achieved together, if not, and if the process of growth and learning is ended, then accepting to part ways in search for a new process. truth,  OdiliaCarmen