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I Came To Be. Everything!

The world was full of evil. So I became good. The world was full of sorrow. So I became joy. The world was full of lack. So I became abundance. The world was full of hate. So I became love. The world was full of dark. So I became light. The world was full of death. So I became life. The world wasn't any longer... Anything. And so... I came to be. Everything truth,  OdiliaCarmen

Seeking Without Seeking

 I seek unknowing of my seeking Endlessly in this temporal world You are nowhere to be found And yet... you smile at me From every corner of each being Seducing me, enrolling me Into this endless quest of seeeking Teaching me your ways of being Never... yet forever here How wonderful this quest How magical and burning Of seeking without seeking truth,  Odilia Carmen

Needn`t Worry

Needn't worry my dear.  Shadows can't be removed. You may fight them `till the end of time,  you won't succeed that either. Lessons too,  If that is what you are after,  are as many as the drops of an ocean  (or the selves within self).  Yet, If it's peace you are after, wholeness,  know that you are the ocean,  and the ocean is you. And the only separation  you will ever encounter  is the separation you hold  within the frames of your own mind.