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Personality Types

Based on Jung`s Categories (Introverted or Extroverted, Intuitive or Sensing, Feeling or Thinking and Perceiving or Judging) my personality type   results  describe me as an  INFJ  ( Idealist Portrait of the Counselor ) with characteristics from an   ENFJ   ( Idealist Portrait of the Teacher ). Take this  Quiz  and find out in which of the  4 Temperaments  your personality type falls into: Guardians  - Supervisor  (ESTJ) ; Inspector  (ISTJ) ; Provider  (ESFJ) ; Protector  (ISFJ) . Artisans  - Promoter  (ESTP) ; Crafter  (ISTP) ; Performer  (ESFP) ; Composer  (ISFP) . Idealists  - Teacher  (ENFJ) ; Counselor  (INFJ) ; Champion  (ENFP) ; Healer  (INFP) . Rationals  - Fieldmarshal  (ENTJ) ; Mastermind  (INTJ) ; Inventor  (ENTP) ; Architect  (INTP) . truth,  OdiliaCarmen