Don`t Change

"I was a neurotic for years. Anxious, depressed, selfish. And everyone kept telling me to change.

And I resented them, and agreed with them, and wanted to change, but simply couldn’t, no matter how I tried. What hurt the most was that, like the others, my closest friend kept urging me to change. So I felt powerless and trapped.

One day he said “Don’t change. I love you as you are.”

Those words were music to my ears: “Don’t change. Don’t change. Don’t change... I love you as you are.”

I relaxed. I came alive. And, suddenly, I changed!

Now I know that I couldn’t really change till I found someone to love me whether I changed or not.

Is this how you love me, God?"

from the book "Song Of The Bird" by Anthony de Mello truth, OdiliaCarmen