The Journey

We seek. We find. We process (compare, analyze, comprehend) similarities and differences. We reach to a higher perspective. The one that reveals to us that differences are mere illusions, that all is connected, all is one. Life is not better anywhere else (whatever corner of the world, that is).
The same struggles goes within each human being. We might see them on different scales, in different colors, but only because we judge them from the outside. We measure them from our standing point, which is always a comparing point.
What is within cannot be measured from without. Thus what is within may be found only when the search without is finalized.
When the process is ended what is within becomes one with what is without. The rest is creation.
When peace, love, truth is within, you cannot experience the opposites without. No matter what seems to happen around you. No matter where you are. No matter whom you encounter.
It is the journey of every human being. (I dare to say, of every living being.) None can escape it. And none can transfer its end results (the knowledge of the one who experienced, that is). Thus none can reach its end before their processing. We can however share our journey. Our thoughts, findings and discoveries. Then the journey might seem easier, faster, happier... Trust everyone`s journey! Trust your journey! And let`s share! truth, OdiliaCarmen