All That Is Good, All That Is GOD!

"Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to God"
Obey the law that is! Yes, man made law isn't natural, pure or righteous. Yet, God allows it!
Why? Because through evil, punishment and oppression God is attempting to straighten our perception. And thus, the question isn't whether the law is wrong or not. The question is, what God wants us to see? What God wants us to correct in our perception?
Obeying an evil Cesar and an unnatural law? Isn't that weakness? Isn't that submission and acceptance of error?
"You have only the power that God has given you over me" said Christ to Pontius Pilate
That means.. Man made law will not affect you or have power over you more than God allows it to. When your perception will be truly righteous you will become untouchable! Stop fighting! Trust in God's plan! Transcend all evil! Not by fighting it but by being all that is Good! All that is God that is! truth, OdiliaCarmen