Odilia Carmen Chirica

Odilia Carmen Chirica

Singer, writer, speaker, coach, counsellor, muse... mostly a thinker - simply just BEING.

Ever wonder why even the almighty, seemingly careless, leaves you into the oblivion of most excruciating pain? Why though you scream from the depth of your being for a bit of light you are left into complete darkness? It`s because you are not truly willing! To listen! 
You don`t seek for THE answer. Yo seek for a solution of your own construction. Your request is for the problem to stop so that your pain may go away. But what you aren`t ready to be shown is that YOU are THE problem! 
You are wounded by your own perceptions of right and wrong! What must or musn`t be! You beg for light while you hold on darkness in the clench of your teeth. You cling to pain and keep on agonizing into your own delusion. Expanding darkness by extending faults and blames to all those, human and gods alike, that seem unwilling to help you. And you keep on reasoning... with your own limited mind, over how entitled you are to happiness. But.. are you really?
Well, let me tell you a thing. The answer will come when you are ready to listen! When you let go of all constructs of mind, when you unclench your teeth and release all darkness and pain that resides in you.. that`s when true light will take over!
Let there be LIGHT! .. within and without us all!

...to your awareness, #OdiliaCarmen 
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I have looked for a while into the principles of the 13 Moon Calendar and what it means to us as human beings. I found it quite intriguing.
After I decoded my day of birth and found my Galactic Signature to be White Overtone Mirror lots of things made sense to me as for who I am and what is my purpose in life. 
I strongly believe knowing this informations about yourself will answer many of your questions and will inspire you to take action and follow the path you were meant to.
"By playing the role of your galactic signature, your allow yourself - your mind, body and spirit - to vibrate to that particular frequency and you broadcast it out to everyone around you. This is your gift to the world."

Use the Galactic Signature Decoder to find out which of the following signatures you are, so you can read more.

White Winds:
Blue Nights:
Yellow Seeds:
Red Serpents:
White World Bridgers:
Blue Hands:
Yellow Stars:
Red Moons:
White Dogs:
Blue Monkeys:
Yellow Humans:
Red Skywalkers:
White Wizards:
Blue Eagles:
Yellow Warriors:
Red Earths:
White Mirrors:
Blue Storms:
Yellow Suns:

...to your self discovery, In Lak`ech, Odilia
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Based on Jung`s Categories (Introverted or Extroverted, Intuitive or Sensing, Feeling or Thinking and Perceiving or Judging) my personality type results describe me as an INTP with characteristics from an INFP (because of marginal preference of Thinking over Feeling) .
"Generally, INTPs build successful careers in areas requiring quite intensive intellectual efforts and calling for creative approach. INTPs are often found in research, development and analytical departments. INTPs often make a very successful career in academia thanks to their strong and versatile way of thinking and originality."
"Overall, INFPs are effective in occupations involving a lot of intellectual work that is focused on humanities and social science, spirit and soul, inspirational activities, and requiring creativity. Social workers, psychologists, life coaches, addiction rehab counselors, mental and community care staff, children education, teaching, and also creative script writing are just some of the examples of suitable occupations for INFPs. They also succeed at academia thanks to their intellectual strength."
My personality characteristics are interestingly described in the Rational Portrait of the Architect (INTP) and well balanced by the Idealist Portrait of the Healer (INFP) which explains my choices and direction in life.
"Architects need not be thought of as only interested in drawing blueprints for buildings or roads or bridges. They are the master designers of all kinds of theoretical systems, including school curricula, corporate strategies, and new technologies. For Architects, the world exists primarily to be analyzed, understood, explained - and re-designed. External reality in itself is unimportant, little more than raw material to be organized into structural models. What is important for Architects is that they grasp fundamental principles and natural laws, and that their designs are elegant, that is, efficient and coherent."
"Architects are rare - maybe one percent of the population - and show the greatest precision in thought and speech of all the types. They tend to see distinctions and inconsistencies instantaneously, and can detect contradictions no matter when or where they were made. It is difficult for an Architect to listen to nonsense, even in a casual conversation, without pointing out the speaker's error. And in any serious discussion or debate Architects are devastating, their skill in framing arguments giving them an enormous advantage. Architects regard all discussions as a search for understanding, and believe their function is to eliminate inconsistencies, which can make communication with them an uncomfortable experience for many."
"Ruthless pragmatists about ideas, and insatiably curious, Architects are driven to find the most efficient means to their ends, and they will learn in any manner and degree they can. They will listen to amateurs if their ideas are useful, and will ignore the experts if theirs are not. Authority derived from office, credential, or celebrity does not impress them. Architects are interested only in what make sense, and thus only statements that are consistent and coherent carry any weight with them."
"Healers present a calm and serene face to the world, and can seem shy, even distant around others. But inside they're anything but serene, having a capacity for personal caring rarely found in the other types. Healers care deeply about the inner life of a few special persons, or about a favorite cause in the world at large. And their great passion is to heal the conflicts that trouble individuals, or that divide groups, and thus to bring wholeness, or health, to themselves, their loved ones, and their community."
"Healers have a profound sense of idealism that comes from a strong personal sense of right and wrong. They conceive of the world as an ethical, honorable place, full of wondrous possibilities and potential goods. In fact, to understand Healers, we must understand that their deep commitment to the positive and the good is almost boundless and selfless, inspiring them to make extraordinary sacrifices for someone or something they believe in. Set off from the rest of humanity by their privacy and scarcity, Healers can often feel even more isolated in the purity of their idealism."
This confirms and strengthens my beliefs about where I am supposed to direct my energy and attention, and I am happy knowing I am already walking on the right path.
How about you? Wouldn't you want to know more about yourself? Take this Quiz and find out in which of the 4 Temperaments your personality type falls into:
  1. Guardians - Supervisor (ESTJ); Inspector (ISTJ); Provider (ESFJ); Protector (ISFJ).
  2. Artisans - Promoter (ESTP); Crafter (ISTP); Performer (ESFP); Composer (ISFP).
  3. Idealists - Teacher (ENFJ); Counselor (INFJ); Champion (ENFP); Healer (INFP).
  4. Rationals - Fieldmarshal (ENTJ); Mastermind (INTJ); Inventor (ENTP); Architect (INTP).
Please share with me (if you feel like) your results. I would be very happy to know more about your personality.

...to your self discovery, In Lak`ech, Odilia
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Soul mates cannot be searched for around or in far away places. They don`t fit within our criteria of best match perceived by limited thought process. However, they will be there in perfect timing. As soon as you have found Yourself!
...in truth, Odilia

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Love between two people. I still have problem to define "what is right" in this context, then I was looking for another point of view. (M. L.)
The marriage was over because of both of us. I was lost and she was not strong enough, she failed to bring me back to myself. (W. K.)
The "right" relationship in my beliefs requires not a perfect mind/physical/soul match but a dedication to love beyond the limits of our common beliefs and personal needs. A process of evolution and break through the social, cultural, religious, human conditionings, etc...
A dedication to support each other through common understanding or one another when one fails to see clearly or understand the "right" way, for the purpose of growth, ultimate freedom and happiness. First and foremost achieving individual balance and happiness and only after happiness in two as a couple. If that can be possibly achieved together, if not, and if the process of growth and learning is ended, then accepting to part ways in search for a new process.
...to your awareness (with gratitude to M. L. and W. K.), In Lak`ech, Odilia
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We seek. We find. We process (compare, analyze, comprehend) similarities and differences. We reach to a higher perspective. The one that reveals to us that differences are mere illusions, that all is connected, all is one. Life is not better anywhere else (whatever corner of the world, that is).
The same struggles goes within each human being. We might see them on different scales, in different colors, but only because we judge them from the outside. We measure them from our standing point, which is always a comparing point.
What is within cannot be measured from without. Thus what is within may be found only when the search without is finalized.
When the process is ended what is within becomes one with what is without. The rest is creation. 
When peace, love, truth is within, you cannot experience the opposites without. No matter what seems to happen around you. No matter where you are. No matter whom you encounter.
It is the journey of every human being. (I dare to say, of every living being.) None can escape it. And none can transfer its end results (the knowledge of the one who experienced, that is). Thus none can reach its end before their processing. We can however share our journey. Our thoughts, findings and discoveries. Then the journey might seem easier, faster, happier... Trust everyone`s journey! Trust your journey! And let`s share!

...to your awareness (dedicated to Herwig D.), In Lak`ech, Odilia
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  1. Music is for each human and non human being. Music is within and without us all.
  2. Everybody can sing and everybody has his own unique voice. Incomparable that is. Don`t be a copy!
  3. There is no such thing as too soon or too late to start singing. Have courage and fulfill your dreams! Make sure, in the process, they are your own not someones else`s.
  4. You can sing whatever style/songs as long as it does not harm you and it is truly what you want and love. Singing what is in fashion, for the market or for whatever other reasons is not a true expression of yourself, will not bring you happiness and is neither genuine art. 
  5. Singing brings peace, joy and relaxation. Whatever brings the opposites is not singing.
  6. Singing is ultimately a connection with your own soul and the source of existence.
  7. When you`ll be ready, everything else will be ready for you. The Universe conspires for your happiness. Thus, do not struggle for perfection, become ready... to embrace it.
...to your inspiration and success, In Lak`ech, Odilia
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