Life Counseling

Mastering a technique makes one a powerful tool for transformation but also limits one to a singular way of achieving and perceiving things. Whatever that "thing" is. I am bound to no method and my way is simple. Stretching the limits of perceptions towards expanded awareness, will power and capacity to exercise choice, by recognising falsity into the structure of one`s mind. 

Higher knowledge, life`s meaning and purpose, deeper understanding on the nature of things have always been my main pursuit. After a life long journey of intense experiences and personal studies in various fields and of various tools of transformation and self empowerment (Psychology, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Sacred Texts, Martial Arts, NLP, EFT etc..), I have reached the shores of truth! A state of inner knowing through divine grace in which all tools and methods become obsolete. An awareness to which all prior knowledge fades in comparison.

I am ready to share with all those willing and most importantly ready to receive. If you struggle in your path, seeking for self liberation and not just a fancy dream of meaning, I will point out the blockages in conduit and perception towards the realization of your truth. For a counselling session, reach me out! 

I no longer hold sessions in the common frame of counselling or repeating schedule basis. I will however engage in counselling sessions based on my time availability, inspiration level and mutual resonanance.
Before reaching out, please bear in mind, my approach to counselling is a holistic one. Be prepared to tap into your inner wounds and transmute your personality for higher understanding and the good of all.  Without it there is no truth to your journey of healing and no real solution to your problems. I`m not here to add to the deepening of your ego and empower you with a fancier story of self. All I can do is to undress you from your self deceptions and point you to the truth!

Ask me for a reference price!
*Preferably in person, or online via Skype or Zoom.
*Sessions last approximately an hour but are not confined by time.
*Pay more if inspired and able; pay less if resources are limited.
*Feel free to pay nothing if it didn't resonate. 
No judgement and no expectations!

I may offer speeches, workshops, and seminars ("The Art Of Happiness"/ "True Meaning of Success"/ "Life Mastery Through Self Mastery") alternative themes and concepts available upon request. truth, OdiliaCarmen

Should you feel moved, share your reflections. Your feedback not only aids in my understanding but also contributes to the collective comprehension of this profound journey towards truth.
"Odilia was the reason I came to settle down in the Netherlands. She saw in me what others did not, not even my own family. Singing and playing my guitar on Youtube was the first step to overcoming my fear of judgement from others - not famous, rich or beautiful enough to be seen or heard. Then came the craziest thing I ever did in my life - moving to Holland without a plan... But Odilia helped me trust in the unknown; that there's always support when you allow it. After 3 years of learning and growing in Holland, today I give Batik workshops and Balinese dance performances in and outside Holland. Who would have known... I did not. Odilia sees the greatness in everyone no matter how many mistakes you have made in your life. She has taught me that - If you want great things in your life, you have got to Show Up for them. Thank you for being in my life Odilia." Shuen-Li Spirit

"Dear Odilia, Like Reminiscence. That’s how our deep and unconventional conversations taste like for me. They taste like Reminiscence. Reminiscence of who I truly am, Where I come from, What I’m here to do, And where I’m going. Somehow, our encounters always naturally turn into meetings in truth.
Thanks to your fine observations, your intelligent questions, your natural ability to elude falsity and most importantly the purity of your soul, you know how to make me feel and remember the way back home. The way back to my authentic self and the source of all things. Especially when I feel lost and confused. 
Therefore, each of our conversations never fails to leave a strong and lasting impression on me. Sometimes my mind cannot describe it, but always my heart and soul know what touched me.
Odilia, you have a wise soul, a good heart and a strong mind. You are a genuine spiritual seeker and a gifted teacher that I respect deeply. And it’s really worth mentioning that you never sound like a new age guru, which (Thank God!) you aren’t!!! Your spiritual quest is humble, courageous and guided by the heart. And I’m really grateful that along the way you take the time to share your findings so generously with me and (hopefully in the future many more) others. Thank you so much.
I’m so glad you’ve become my friend. With love," Uta Ta

"For me, sharing with Odilia is like standing naked before an ornate, free standing, full length mirror that simultaneously reveals your physical form and your inner essence. All that you are is undeniably reflected back to you in a manner that was not previously perceptible.
The discomfort and awkwardness of disrobing false perception, dogma and expectation, seemingly for the first time, crumbled the foundations of fear my life was built upon. 
Those with the determination and courage to face simple truths will be rewarded with not only a greater understanding of themselves, but also the complete compassion and perfect love of an amazing woman, mentor and confidant. 
I am blessed beyond words for the opportunity to call her a true friend." Justin Rash

"Odilia is a sense-full human, multi gifted, valuable creator, infinite energy.. 
Strong, steady, beautiful, clear.. can bring you to tears while rehearsing Ave Maria, or fill you with gratitude offering you self made raw vegan treats.. or deliver you valuable missing pieces and answers to your quest towards the truth. 
Evolutionary uplift & lovely guiding light comes through her presence. <3" Luna C.K.