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As a vocal coach,  20 years+ as both student and teacher, molded by my inner dwelling in the metaphysics of all things, eventually defined my "technique".  Singing Artistry through Self Mastery. An approach that goes beyond techniques, into the core understanding of our very nature (with it`s perceptual faults and limitations) and it`s conscious conceptual redefinition, while exploring and expanding the capacity of our doingness as a side effect of our beingness. Merging into effortless singing that is (or wu wei, as described by Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching).

I am grateful to all my trainees, for while being my students they are also my teachers. I thank you all for the trust, the beautiful moments and the journey! And what a journey!

Teaching while learning, inspiring while being inspired, changing while being changed, in a process of complete apprehension and fusion of self impression (resonant inner harmony through natural breathing and posture - consonance of the mind, body and soul) and self expression (outer manifestation of inner beingness through natural intent and sound projection), towards the ultimate singing experience (or, as a matter of fact, ultimate being experience)! An experience that appeals to our inner knowing, setting us free from mechanical wringing, further search and accumulation of worthless (theoretical) knowledge.

p.s. I may provide master classes, workshops and seminars ("Everyone Can Sing" / "Your Voice Is Your Healer" / "Mastery of True Singing" - alternative themes and concepts possible on demand). If being a professional singing artist doesn't resonate with you, you might find interest in exploring the other properties within singing (such as Self Discovery, Empowerment, Healing etc...). truth, #OdiliaCarmen  

Read what others feel/think/experienced, listen to our singing or add your own feedback, to help me and others better understand what this is all about. Thank you! 

"I would like to learn how to sing from the core of one’s being/the soul. This is when I met Odilia. Odilia’s teachings addresses the fundamentals of singing – which incidentally also relates to the fundamentals of life.
The body is a very delicate and sensitive instrument and as a result, the state of mind has influence on the sound it produces (for better or for worse).
As I stay with Odilia, I learned about the fundamental energies that initiate the sound and its properties, of which some examples are the breath, the (state of) mind and the sub-consciousness.
The breath is very straightforward, but it is this fundamental that is often under practiced and neglected. By learning how to breathe and (especially) ground it properly, I obtained possession to a much wider and powerful vocal range and sound quality, a Deep level of support. Something I have previously never before experienced or achieved.
The deep understanding of the fundamentals and the mastery over singing are closely related to one another.
To sing is very straightforward, but it is the sub-consciousness that places obstacles between one and the objective. As I learned to tap into my own subconscious and dug out buried underlying blockades – emotions, fears, judgements, thoughts, imposed habits, – I found liberation by acceptance that in turn, was reflected in the quality of my sound. As a result, my sound became much more lush, richer, truer.
Bringing this back to physical terms: The sound I produce today is much more true and rich compared to when I first started with Odilia, and I have made significant progress towards my goal (to sing from the soul).
If you are interested in learning how to sing from the very core of your being, then I highly recommend you contact Odilia, as she is an amazing teacher who doesn’t judge, has incredible skill and a very deep understanding of matter." Lucy Xiao

"I know Odilia for almost a year now. She is very unorthodox in her approach, because unlike other teachers for her mechanics of singing is secondary, her focus is on removing all mental blockades, those mind-fucks which make us numb, scared, panic and eat ourselves with self-criticism. She uses variety of esoteric techniques to remove what prevents one from being at peace with oneself, and when that is achieved, not only singing works, but actually the whole life gets a new free twist.
Odilia it was a providence to find you, we have a lot of work ahead of us, and I am happy I can count on you!" Igor Berezhnoy

"I have been singing since I was 4 years old. I have also been going from one vocal coach to the next, however none as helpful as Odilia. She has a personality related approach which adapts to the student's needs. Most importantly she brings it back to the essence of singing, enjoyment, and allows you to understand what goes through your body. Overall, she provides a great experience!" Domenec Bis

"Odilia is an amazing singer and a truly magnificent teacher. I started taking singing lessons with her after my previous teacher moved away. I got introduced to Odilia by my boyfriend, also her trainee, and I was instantly pleasantly surprised by her approach. In the past year and a half I have been able to experience just how personalized lessons are depending on our needs, current skills and also personality. I see a lot of improvement in my own singing as well as in singing of fellow trainees and I especially appreciate her support, not only during the lessons, but also during our performances. I can only highly recommend her." Anita Tursic

"Through her vocal coaching, which takes people in their totality and not only as singers, Odilia gives the key for us to unlock our natural self and our real voice, often sadly left unheard by ourselves and others for a very very long time.
She's taught me the way to confidently and safely rest into who I truly am and sing from there. She’s a clear mirror, which is capable to reflect to me any tiniest signs of pretence and trying-too-hard. I’m learning with her to recognise, trust and enjoy just being me and pleasantly not taking myself too seriously. With her, singing has become more pleasurable and effortless than ever. To my own surprise, the less effort I put in trying to sing, the better I sound. Yes, many times, I found it mind-blowing!
Last but not least, her selflessness and attention make every one of our sessions a real “me-moment”. After each meeting which feels like an active meditation, I infallibly walk out the door smiling and feeling relaxed, content and closer to myself.
By far, Odilia is more than a gorgeous singer and an excellent singing teacher, she’s a devoted life coach and mentor who has people and their growth at heart." Uta Ta

"Odilia is very nice person, passionate about music, singing and giving classes. She knows how to listen, how to adjust classes to individual needs and what is also important she makes it fun. If you want to take singing classes, contact Odilia, you will embark a great journey" Ana Sekic

"Odilla is by far one of the best teachers you could find. She really goes deeper in understanding and allowing you to understand what happens in your body and what the effects are of this. Not only in regard to your singing ability but in general. This makes it so much more interesting and helpful. She gave me many excellent exercises that really helped me to develop my voice.
More then this she is very motivating and enthusiastic and really believes in what she is doing and teaching. It is a great experience if you have the luck to have her as a teacher or to know her as a person." Pascha van den Breekel

"Odilia is one of the absolute best teachers there are to find. Not only have I made major progresses in singing and being vocally developed, she has also been a great friend. She is very flexible, meaning her lessons are based on what you want to sing or learn. The Singing & Fun events are a great way of training your performance skills and meeting a lot of people who share the same passion for music. I am very grateful to have crossed her path. Thank you Odilia for all your help. Love," Shugufa Kakar

"Gracias Odilia, tu tienes una voz enorme y me inspira a sacar de mi, lo que no tenia. Con tus tecnicas he fortalecido mi forma de cantar, de rapear y respirar. Tus lecciones privadas son perfectas, tu sabes lo que le hace falta a cualquier persona que quiera cantar. Saludos Atentamente," Stivens Serna

"Odilia is great teacher. In my case she made a lot of emphasis on opening up and feeling free when I sing. It was very helpful. She corrected my phrasing a lot. She helped me to understand what my actual voice is like. She devotes herself to teaching a lot." Dima Dzibrou

"Odilia is a great singer and teacher and a very pleasant person. I appreciate very much her patience, determination and professional way of teaching me the basics of singing and how to get from singing good to sing with the appropriate feeling. Having lessons from her is next to being very efficient and effective, also a pleasure due to her open en friendly personality.
Her flexibility in teaching hours, makes it possible for me to have lessons next to my job and other obligations. I is proven that under her professional guidance, I was able to make quickly a step up from the basics of singing, to be good enough to sing in bands and being able singing the songs I always wanted to sing. I thank her for that!" Michel van Hees

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