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Zak Geld Met ZinnGeld

ZinnGeld  is a very nice & simple opportunity for Belgium & Netherlands people to make money online for free. The concept is to sign up (very easy) and receive daily emails with free products, offers & links through which you can do your shoppings at Hema,,  Ici Paris, Blokker, Vodafone, Aliexpress, Thuisbezorg + so many others shops & offers, while you are saving cents at each euro you spend. Whether you are interested in the offers or not you still get a link to click and receive 0.01 euro. Once you have 15 Euro you can request your payment directly into your bank account. If you are not a visionary you might think is too less. But the trick is you get money from your referrals up to 3 levels (Which means you are paid each time the friend of the friend of your friend, that you introduced to this opportunity, is shopping or saving money).  You must wonder if  this is real ? I do not like to trick people or waste their time for nothing. I have tried this myself,