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Which Way?

Let`s meditate together... And help me to succeed being what I always desired to be. More precisely? Positive, open to knowledge, immune to pessimism and suffering. And how do you think I could help you? To start trusting myself and others... to open up to love... and to complete myself before others. To find myself a purpose and stop destroying myself. You can! You always can! How? It`s enough what you transmit to be able to help a person. Though in my case I need your presence. Expand! Your presence is all the support that I need. Why? What do you feel different in my presence? Because I feel you.. I feel you within me, I feel what you transmit... I feel stillness. I think stillness contains all that I feel. The empty space is your support then. Therefore you do not need my presence but the empty space. You need to throw away everything. Good explanation but it doesn't fit me, to also find myself an excuse. Through you I can understand things in different ways... And those differ