Odilia Carmen Chirica

Singer, writer, speaker, coach, counsellor, muse... mostly a thinker - simply just BEING.

In The Spotlights

As a singing artist I offer to collaborate in various settings and formats. Public stage or private events. Short apparition or full concert performance. Light music or completely operatic. My repertoire is ample and my musical connections wide ranged. Depending on intent, budget and location I may set up the appropriate bundle for the occasion.

If you do consider engaging me in your event, know that what I stand for is bringing art, inspiration and presence to the very being of the audience and I have no ambition in filling the time nor background in places and events that are careless or disconnected from the human`s heart and soul.

Thank you for your interest! If you feel to, check, follow or connect with me on YouTube, SoundCloud, FaceBook, LinkedIn, InstaGram, Twitter. Looking forward to meeting and knowing you!